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Improving Oral Health Globally

As a leader in the dental industry, Ultradent Products Inc. boasts a reputation for delivering groundbreaking dental solutions. Their brand identity draws inspiration from the mesmerizing red rock landscapes of Southern Utah, incorporating rich, earthy tones, organic design elements, and skillfully incorporated geometric angles and patterns. This fusion of elements creates a visual representation that resonates with the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.

By leveraging my experience in leading creative teams, art directing visual identity, and managing a diverse range of design projects, I played an integral role in driving the success of Ultradent Products Inc.'s wide portfolio of product brands. My contributions in designing marketing/sales materials, style guides, motion graphics, social assets, package design, product branding, and logo design helped elevate the brand and deliver impactful visual experiences to customers and stakeholders.

Role: Graphic Designer & Motion Design Artist

Year: 2022

Ultradent Geometric BG.png

Motion + Identity Designer


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